You can take look at my works, classified by format: online, print, video, 3d, html, illustration and others. Some works can appear in several groups.





  • The anatomy of a tornado

    The anatomy of a tornado

    Videographic explaining the causes of the origin of twisters and why they are more common in some areas of the United States.

  • Midterm elections: Democrats & Republicans

    Midterm elections: Democrats-Republicans

    Interactive videos explaining the political programs of democrats and republicans. Choose the topics and the party you want to hear.

  • Foreign media correspondents in Spain

    Foreign media correspondents in Spain

    Series of interactive videos with different questions to foreign media correspondents: their experiences, work and views of Spain.

  • Usain Bolt records comparison

    Usain Bolt records comparison

    Simultaneous replay of Usain Bolt's 200 m records, stopping in the key moments to explain the differences between races.

  • What is legal in internet in Spain

    What is legal in internet in Spain

    Videotest on legal issues on the internet. We propose situations and the reader picks one. An expert tells you if it's correct or not and why.

  • Great Pacific garbage patch

    Great Pacific garbage patch

    Videographic explaining what is the great Pacific garbage patch interviewing its discoverer, Captain Charles Moore.