Twitter versus: Real Madrid Barcelona
Graphic Chiqui Esteban | Development Alberto Aranguren, Chiqui Esteban | Documentation Aitor Amorós, Chiqui Esteban | Header Quique Herrero
Published December 5th 2011
Software HTML, XML, Twitter API, Photoshop

Original article:Real Madrid-FC Barcelona: duelo en Twitter

The information
Seven days after the publication of this piece, Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two top soccer teams of Spain, were playing their first confrontation of the season. As many of their players have a Twitter account and most of the don't use it in a corporate way, but very personal, we wanted to show what they were talking before and after the game. All the twwets shown are live.

The design
Our Art Director created a header for the piece and I displayed the players in two columns, matching each one with his possible rival in the game (defenders vs forwards, for instance). We used a design of the tweets similar to the Twitter page, just to make easier for the reader to understnad the piece. We also offered the possibility to embed this piece with a code at the bottom of the graphic.