Birthplaces of the spanish soccer league
Graphic and research Chiqui Esteban
Published June 15th 2011 (updated during the summer)
Software Flash, Illustrator, XML

Original article:Todos los pueblos de los jugadores de la Liga BBVA

The information
One of the goals of lainformacion is to make graphics that can work globally and locally the same time. This is an example: you can look at the trends of the areas with more players in the spanish soccer league and go to the local detail to know who of the first division players were born in your area.

The design
I wanted to give people as many possibiities as possible, so you can see all the players, click on regions to zoom to them or click on the team logos to show just the players of a particular team, so you can compare which team has more players from your city, for instance. Rolling over each bubble you can see all the players of a particular town and the teams they play for.