Breaking News: The strength of Bildu
Graphic Chiqui Esteban | Documentation Chiqui Esteban, Quique Infante Published May 23th 2011
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Original article:Elecciones en PaĆ­s Vasco y Navarra: el poder de Bildu

The information
Bildu is the political party linked to the terrorist group ETA, and they were participating in the municipal elections in Basque Country and Navarre. The main goal was to show where they are strong and how much the party grew from the last elections, cause we knew it was going to grow, but we needed to visualize how much and where.

The design
There are data from 2007 (previous elections, prepared days before the elections) and 2011 (data retrieved the night of elections for publication, the graphic was published in the election night). We showed all municipalities, where Bildu was participating en both times, the winners by municipality and the range of the victory and the strength of Bildu in the complete map of both regions.