Hercules C130, plane of the spanish soldiers

La Voz de Galicia
Graphic Chiqui Esteban | Research David Beriain
Published 2004
Software Illustrator

The information
The Hercules C-130 was the plane that spanish army used in Afghanistan war, in the news for some security issues about it and in some days it become the focus of discussion in all the news. La Voz de Galicia prepared wanted a double spread graphic to explain how this plane was and if it was really secure.

The design
The central image is a vector drawing of the Hercules C-130 explining how all the security rules apply to it over the different details of the drawing. At the right, some behaviours that can convert this plane in an insecure transport. The bottom displays different details: how soldiers travel in it, a comprison with the new models acquired by the spanish army and other planes used for troops transportation and the most important accidents of military planes.