International soccer players with Spain
Graphic and research Chiqui Esteban | Development Alberto Aranguren, Alejandro Navarro
Published October 10th 2011 (continuosly updated)
Software HTML, Photoshop

Original article:Todos los jugadores internacionales por EspaƱa en activo

The information
In order to use the graphic each time the spanish national soccer team announces the players that will be used in the next game of the 'Roja', we created a list of all the players (still active) who have ever played for the national team.

The design
The players are divided by positions. We show the faces (everybody can recognise them) and clicking on it, the square flips and show name, team, specific position and a link to the latest news about him. Always using the corporative yellow and black. We use a 1.0 opacity for the players called for the last game and a 0.5 for those not called.