How to differentiate a burka from a niqab
Graphic Chiqui Esteban | Interview María Torrens
Published June 22th 2010
Software Flash, Illustrator

Original article: Cómo diferenciar burka, chador, niqab y otras prendas musulmanas

The information
Some towns of Spain was banning the use of burka, but we noticed it was ridiculous. The burka is a hijab (muslim clothes) used just by afghan women, and the census of 2010 said that there were less than 10 afghans living in Spain. When the city halls were talking about burka they were really talking about other kinds of hijabs, as chadors (iranian), niqabs, half niqabs... The goal of the graphic was to explain the differences between the main ones.

The design
I used a drag &s; drop game to explain the differences. People could use the clothes over the mannequin to know the name, area distribution and other details about each hijab, including an explanation by a muslim culture expert.