Analysis of the presidential debate

Breaking news: Analysis of the presidential debate

Publico (Madrid)
Graphic Chiqui Esteban, Álvaro Valiño, Miriam Baña
Published March 3rd 2008
Software Illustrator, Photoshop

The information
After 12 years, the spanish presidential candidates were having a tv debate before the elections. Rajoy and Zapatero were face to face the night of March 3rd 2008, starting around 21.30. Publico published this graphic on its pages 4-5 on March 4th, analyzing all the details and with a survey about the winner.

The design
The upper area (Álvaro Valiño) show the structure of the debate: turns, topics, sentences... In the center (Chiqui Esteban), the left area are for details about Zapatero and the right for Rajoy (as their politial positions). On each we presented the most said words, images expalining some curiosities about the non-verbal language usead, people they talked about (and how much they did). The bottom area (Miriam Baña) is used for the results of the survey: winner, marks, opinions...