Gaspar Llamazares is not Osama Bin Laden
Graphic Chiqui Esteban
Published January 15th 2010
Software Flash, Photoshop

Original article: El FBI usa una foto de Gaspar Llamazares para imaginar el rostro actual de Bin Laden

The information
The FBI released a combo of photographs to show how would Bin Laden look by then. The spanish newspaper El Mundo published an article saying that the FBI has used a photo of the spanish communist politician Gaspar Llamazares to configure Bin Laden¡s hair. People started talking about this in the social networks, many of them saying that it just resembles the hair of the official photograph of Llamazares, but it was not the same hair. We wanted to make people realize the it was actually the same hair.

The design
With that purpose, we did it three ways: an animation with the transition from one photo to the other, a comparative overlaying both photos by opacity and other one with a slider. You could see how the hairs were the same, one by one.