What is legal in internet in Spain

Graphic Chiqui Esteban | b>Video Adriano Morán, David G. Tesouro | b>Interview José Manuel Rodríguez
Published December 18th 2009
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Original article: Qué es legal y qué es ilegal en internet

The information
Intellectual property rights is one of the most active discussions in Spain in the last years. But people still don't know what is legal or not to do in the internet in Spain. Can I donwload a movie without the permission of the holder of the rights? Can I upload it?

The design
We called Javier de la Cueva, a famous spanish intellectural propery lawyer to explain us the different details. A writer asked him the key questions and I created an interactive test. You got a question, answer it and the grpahic tell if you're right or wrong and De la Cueva explains the answer. At the end, you get your marks.