Breaking News: Earthquake in Lorca
Graphic and research Chiqui Esteban Published May 11-15th 2011
Software Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator

Original article:Terremoto en Lorca: resumen visual

The information
Lorca, a little town in the Murcia region was hit by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. It destroyed the place and caused some dead. We had to show the location, the epicenters, how it was caused, the effects... and the same day it happened. It was published four hours after the earthquake, two hours after we realized it was important news, and we kept updating the graphic until four days after

The design
To be fast, I created a simple piece of 650px width, so it can be embedded in all the articles we wanted. It's sequential, easy to navigate following the logical secuence and includes video to show the effects of the earthquake.