American football for european readers

La Voz de Galicia
Graphic Chiqui Esteban
Published February 1st 2004
Software Illustrator

The information
The day the XXXVIII Superbowl was going to be played, we wanted to offer our readers a graphic to understand the basic rules to understand football (or American football as it is called here in Spain). That way, if someone had the curiosity to watch the game over the night, at least they could understand something.

The design
The main illustration, with the field, explains the number of players and their functions and names attacking and defending, the referee and more rules of the game. Over it are the main rules as an introduction: when happens that you score, the time, when the game starts and a glossary. The big photo was for Tom Brady, to explain the characteristics of the big name of the Superbowl. Also there are some things explained with the photo, as information about the ball and the uniforms.