Falla theatre, the big temple of carnival

Diario de Cadiz
Graphic Chiqui Esteban
Published February 2006
Software Illustrator, Cinema4d

The information
If there's something important for the people of Cadiz is carnival, the big party of the city. The most famous activity of Cadiz carnival is the contest of carnival agrupations (choruses, 'chirigotas', 'comparsas' and 'cuartetos'). And the 'temple' where it happens is the Falla theatre, the 'house of the pink bricks', the biggest theatre of Cadiz. We wanted to explain how it is from inside and all the secrets of it.

The design
There were no blueprints of the theatre, so I got to go there and make drawings, photos and annotations to create the 3d model, with just some measurements and my notes. The center piece was created with Cinema 4d, with a big cut to see inside and the outdside everybody knows. At the right a timeline of the building.