Tube map of the spanish indie music
Graphic Chiqui Esteban | Selection Markus Steen
Published November 11th 2011 (first published in october 2010)
Software Flash, Illustrator

Original article:El mapa del metro del indie espaƱol

The information
We tried to explain the panorama of the spanish indie music with the main groups and their styles. We created a first version of the graphic, which was very succesful, but everybody was asking for different groups, so we asked the to make their petitions in the comments and we updated the graphic with a new version and some changes. The number of visits was multiplied by three one month after the original publication of the infographic..

The design
I decided to use the shape of a tube map, it was a very good way to show the styles, the coindences and an homage to the 'Metro do Rock' by SuperInteressante, the first graphic I saw using this idea. We added some icons to promote videoclips of some of the bands involved created by our video team for a section we had called 'Indie Beats'. We also featured a 'Raill Museum' with retired bands.