The evolution of the first face transplant

Publico (Madrid)
Graphic Chiqui Esteban
Published April 4th 2008
Software Illustrator, Photoshop

Complete article: Vía libre al primer transplante de cara en España

The information
Doctor Pedro Cavadas was going to perform the firt face transplant in Spain. We explained how the first face transplat worked and how the patiente recovered from it, with details of sensibility, image and functionality, using information from the New England Journal of Medicine.

The design
I divided the graphic in five parts: the first one,as an introduction, explained the transplant; the seond sohowe the connections over the actual face of the transplanted. The third one showed the before and after, also with the real face. The fourth shows the evolution of the sensibility; andt the fourth deals with the evolution of the mouth occlusion, one of the key facts of the transplant.