If the Earth were a soccer ball

Publico (Madrid)
Graphic and research Chiqui Esteban, Álvaro Valiño
Published 2008
Software Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema4D

The information
We wanted to explain the real scale of the solar system, the enormous distances between the planets and the big difference of size of them with the sun.

The design
To explain the different sizes of the planets and the sun, we made the Earth the size of a soccer ball, something that everybody in Spain can imagine. To explain the distances we kept the same scale and placed the Sun in the Puerta del Sor (Sun Door), the most important square of Madrid. With that comparison, we draw the orbits of the rest of the planets: the orbit of the Earth will go through the Retiro park. Pluto, the former planet but included in the comparison, would orbit over Toledo.