This is how Spain won the World Cup 2010
Graphic Chiqui Esteban
Published July 11th 2010
Software Flash, Illustrator

Original article: Así ha jugado España su Mundial

The information
Spain won the World Cup of soccer in 2010. A soccer World Cup is the undoubtely the most important sporting event in Spain and its played each four years. The spanish national team is known by its passing game in the midfield, and we wanted to show the evolution of this kind of game game by game, including the friendly games played by Spain before the World Cup and the games of the most important rivals of Spain in the WC of South Africa.

The design
The thickness of the lines shows the number of combinations between the players, and the size of the circles the number of minutes played. We did not have a data service, so all the information eas gathered by hand, as I explained at Infographics News.