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The strength of Bildu, 2011

Updated version, breaking news during the night of the local elections of Spain : Results of local elections, Spain 2011: the strength of Bildu

Version of a previous graphic: Where Bildu is strong

Bildu is a political party created by the union of different independentist parties of the Basque Country and Navarre for the municipal elections of 2011. One of the parties is suppoused to be linked with the terrorist group ETA, so the possibilities of the party are important for the spanish people.
We analyzed which results of Bildu in 2011, comparing it to the results in 2007 (when Bildu di not exist) by adding the results of the different parties in the last municipal elections (which could be the results, where could they win and where could they have more than 50% of the votes) and the context of the complete results of the zone.

Done with the (crucial) help of Sarah Potts in the code and Quique Infante retrieving data.

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