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The strength of Bildu

lainformacion.com, 2011 Updated version, breaking news during the night of the local elections of Spain : Results of local elections, Spain 2011: the strength of Bildu Version of a previous graphic: Where Bildu is strong ...

May, 12

All about the La Pepa bridge

Diario de Cadiz, 2007 Compilation of the infographics done about La Pepa bridge, a long desired bridge that will be built over the Cadiz bay, for the newspaper annuary magazine.

Apr, 12

One of the big ones

Diario de Cadiz, 2007 Despite Cadiz is a 120,000 people city, the new bridge that will connect it with Puerto Real will be one of the longest in the world. To make people understand the ...

Apr, 12

Falla theater, temple of carnival

Diario de Cadiz, 2006 Carnival is the biggest event of the year in Cádiz, and the Falla theater is the venue where all the carnival agrupations compete in the annual contest of ‘chirigotas’, ‘coros’, ‘comparsas’ ...

Apr, 12

How Easter ‘pasos’ work

Diario de Cádiz, 2006 ‘Pasos’ are a Easter tradition in Cadiz. People carry figures of the saint on their shoulders and show them in the city. This infographic explaing how ‘cargadores’ (chargers) do the different ...

Apr, 12

How sherry wine is made

  Diario de Cádiz, 2005. Jerez (Sherry), the city where sherry wine is made is located in the province of Cadiz. This is an explanation of the process from to grape to the table for ...

Apr, 12

When firemen work underground

Diario de Cádiz, 2006 Cádiz buried the train when passing through the city, so a new question about security concerned the population: what would happen if there’s a fire underground?. We spoke with the firemen ...

Apr, 12


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