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Political map of USA. House and Senate

Univision, 2011 Original graphic: Political map of USA (spanish and english) Map of USA showing representatives and senators and their votings on different affairs.

Oct, 31

Anatomy of a tornado, 2011. Original graphic: Anatomy of a tornado Videographic created to explain the origin and causes of twisters. My part in this work was the ‘screenplay’ and graphics. I also edited two interviews done by ...

May, 12

Earthquake in Lorca, 2011 Original graphic: Earthquake in Lorca In May 11th 2011, the village of Lorca (Murcia, Spain) registered two erthquakes. Despite they were not big earthquakes, Lorca suffered severe damages and there were at least ...

May, 12

The strength of Bildu, 2011 Updated version, breaking news during the night of the local elections of Spain : Results of local elections, Spain 2011: the strength of Bildu Version of a previous graphic: Where Bildu is strong ...

May, 12

Timemap of Spain by train, 2009 (updated in 2010) Original graphic: Timemap of Spain by train Map that shows the change of the shape of Spain if we put as coordinates the time that will take you to go ...

Apr, 14

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan, 2011 Original graphic: Earthquake and tsunami in Japan Breaking news infographic showing the epicentre of the earthquake that caused the tsunami of March, 2011. First version published 20 minutes after the new arrived to ...

Apr, 14

NBA demographics, 2010 Original graphic: NBA demographics A map showing all the cities where the NBA players were born and a the starting fives of the different states. Using the same formula, we built a map ...

Apr, 14


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