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Political map of USA. House and Senate

Univision, 2011 Original graphic: Political map of USA (spanish and english) Map of USA showing representatives and senators and their votings on different affairs.

Oct, 31

The strength of Bildu

lainformacion.com, 2011 Updated version, breaking news during the night of the local elections of Spain : Results of local elections, Spain 2011: the strength of Bildu Version of a previous graphic: Where Bildu is strong ...

May, 12

Democrats & Republicans

lainformacion.com, 2010 Original graphic: Democrats and republicans Videographic made for the Midterm elections, explainign the different political programs of democrats and republicans in United States. You can choose the topics and the party you want ...

Apr, 14

Gaspar Llamazares is Bin Laden

lainformacion.com, 2010 Original graphic: The FBI uses a photo of Gaspar Llamazares to build Bin Laden’s face Gaspar Llamazares is the leader of the spanish left-winged party ‘Izquierda Unida’. A photo released by FBI with ...

Apr, 14

Analysis of the TV debate

PĂşblico, 2008 The two big candidates for the spanish presidency of the government starred a TV debate after many years avoiding it. We published this piece the day after the debate, with an analysis of ...

Apr, 13


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