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Creating life

Público, 2008 The hypothetical process followed by scientist to create artificial cells from syntethic DNA.

Apr, 13

The evolution of a face transplant

Público, 2008 An explanation of the evolution of the first patient of face transplant, a french woman. We focused on the transplant, the evolution of the face with and without makeup, the sensibility and the ...

Apr, 13

Jarvik 7, the artificial heart

Publico, 2008 An explanation of the Jarvik 7, the first artificial heart. How it works, the size and the evolution.

Apr, 13

The bionic hand

Público, 2008 How a bionic hand works. A spanish girl was going to receive the first bionic hand for an spanish person, so we explained the different models, how it works, the kinds of grips…

Apr, 13

Analysis of the TV debate

Público, 2008 The two big candidates for the spanish presidency of the government starred a TV debate after many years avoiding it. We published this piece the day after the debate, with an analysis of ...

Apr, 13

If the Earth were a soccer ball

Público, 2008 We tried to explain the sizes and distances of the solar system. We used a double scale: - First, we take teh Earth and converted it on a soccer ball, and then converted ...

Apr, 13

Space debris

Público, 2008. The ISS was in risk on being hitted by space debris, so we prepared a double spread visualizing all the space debris around earth at an exact moment (22.00 h of the day ...

Apr, 13


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