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Creating life

Público, 2008 The hypothetical process followed by scientist to create artificial cells from syntethic DNA.

Apr, 13

Jarvik 7, the artificial heart

Publico, 2008 An explanation of the Jarvik 7, the first artificial heart. How it works, the size and the evolution.

Apr, 13

History of bras

Eleftheros Typos (Greece), 2007 Infographic published on the greek newspaper Eleftheros Typos as part of a consultancy and redesign program done by Innovation Media Consulting. Explains some details about bras, as part of an article ...

Apr, 12

How Easter ‘pasos’ work

Diario de Cádiz, 2006 ‘Pasos’ are a Easter tradition in Cadiz. People carry figures of the saint on their shoulders and show them in the city. This infographic explaing how ‘cargadores’ (chargers) do the different ...

Apr, 12

House collapse in Cádiz

Diario de Cádiz, 2005 An old house collapse in Cadiz by night. Breaking news infographics explaining the falling, the damages and the timeline. Some explanations on actual photo of the house collapse. Documentation, interviews and ...

Apr, 12

Qinetiq 1, a balloon to the stratosphere

La Voz de Galicia, 2004 Qinetiq 1 was the balloon on which Colin Prescott and Andy Elson rtied to reach the stratosphere. We explained the balloon itself, the travel, the crew and made some comparisons ...

Apr, 12

Hercules C-130

La Voz de Galicia, 2004. The Hercules C-130 was the plane that spanish army used in Afghanistan war. There were some security issues about it, so we decided to show all the measures, data and ...

Apr, 12


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