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The other business of the spanish soccer

lainformacion.com, 2011 The other business of the spanish soccer owners Original graphic: Quiénes son los dueños del fútbol español (2011) Spinning graphic showing the other business of the owners of the spanish soccer, from former priests ...

Oct, 31

Jorge Mendes’ top 40

lainformacion.com, 2011 Original graphic: Jorge Mendes’ top 40 Jorge Mendes is a soccer players agent, one of the most famous in Europe. This graphic and the complete article shows the web of players he handles an ...

Aug, 16

The way the spanish national soccer team play

lainformacion.com, 2010 Original graphic: The way the spanish national soccer team play Spain won the World Cup of soccer in 2010. Every single game, we published a chart with all the passes of the team ...

Apr, 14

Analysis of the TV debate

Público, 2008 The two big candidates for the spanish presidency of the government starred a TV debate after many years avoiding it. We published this piece the day after the debate, with an analysis of ...

Apr, 13

All the medals of Beijing 2008

Público, 2008 Analysis of the medals of Beijing Olympics 2008, done the last day of the compaetition. Medasl divided by continent, countries, sportsmen, geopolitical groups, by population, GDP, day by day…

Apr, 12

How sherry wine is made

  Diario de Cádiz, 2005. Jerez (Sherry), the city where sherry wine is made is located in the province of Cadiz. This is an explanation of the process from to grape to the table for ...

Apr, 12


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