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Anatomy of a tornado

lainformacion.com, 2011. Original graphic: Anatomy of a tornado Videographic created to explain the origin and causes of twisters. My part in this work was the ‘screenplay’ and graphics. I also edited two interviews done by ...

May, 12

Great Pacific garbage patch

lainformacion.com, 2009 Original video: Great Pacific Garbage Patch Videographic explaining the great Pacific garbage patch interviewing its discoverer (Capt. Charles Moore). Video by Miguel Fernandez and interview by Antonio Martínez. My part in this graphic ...

Apr, 14

Jarvik 7, the artificial heart

Publico, 2008 An explanation of the Jarvik 7, the first artificial heart. How it works, the size and the evolution.

Apr, 13

If the Earth were a soccer ball

Público, 2008 We tried to explain the sizes and distances of the solar system. We used a double scale: - First, we take teh Earth and converted it on a soccer ball, and then converted ...

Apr, 13

Space debris

Público, 2008. The ISS was in risk on being hitted by space debris, so we prepared a double spread visualizing all the space debris around earth at an exact moment (22.00 h of the day ...

Apr, 13

How LHC works

Público, 2008 An explantion on how LHC works, what are scientists looking for with it and some facts. Documentation by Daniel Mediavilla, science writer. It was published as a double spread, pages 2-3 of the ...

Apr, 13

The Valderrama golf course

  Diario de Cadiz, 2006 Valderrama, on of the most famous golf courses, is located in the province of Cadiz. We exaplined the different holes and the main course to our readers.

Apr, 12


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